A treasure trove of 20,000 dies crafted by our master artisans provides a vast range of themes: religious medals, rosaries, one-decade rosaries, religious bracelets, official medals and decorations, ribbon bars, hanging-medal bars, customized souvenirs, wire hoods, etc.

Find out all about our firm’s craftsmanship

Through its know-how and long-standing expertise in traditional art forms, Martineau has, ever since its was founded, renewed itself to best meet market demands and rise to all types of challenges in art and production of items of belonging.

Tout savoir sur les métiers d'art de l'entreprise.

The sculptor

From modeling to the die, all our items are crafted individually.

An initial bas-relief model is shaped in modeling clay on a large scale before being reduced to the desired scale using a transfer reducing machine, then machined in a steel block (stamping die or injection block) by electrical discharge machining.

Since 2014, this same process has been upgraded: the sculptor models the subject matter on digital-sculpting computer software.

With this method, the level of subtlety and detail reached is often greater than that achieved by traditional craftsmanship.

This digital model is then machined digitally in the same stamping dies and/or injection blocks as before.

Sculpting is a long-term endeavour that gives creations their depth, perspective and precision.

The jeweler

With outstanding expertise, our jewelers make use of their creative talent to fulfil dreams.

Martineau’s jewelers work with a wide range of precious materials like gold, silver, and brass.

They cut and shape metal using precision soldering, and polish and assemble their creations in accordance with professional standards.

Martineau also has its own master stamp, which features on the back of each of its products.

The rosary-maker

Rosary-making is one of the rarest and oldest French crafts still alive today in the Martineau group.

With this prized asset, we can offer the most beautiful rosary arrangements made from noble materials, like rosewood, olive wood, semi-precious stones, gold, silver, etc.

Traditionally, blocks of wood are sawed, cut, and planed to produce the rosary beads, which used to be made manually with a wood lathe.

These beads are polished and varnished before being assembled upon the rosary.

With our expertise and new technology, our high-quality beads, customizable hearts, and harmonious crosses have won over leading places of worship in France and worldwide.

A dedicated studio in design and creative arts

Our team closely studies market trends to offer new collections among the main items of our ranges each year.

Everything starts with drawing, the art of lines, which forms the basis of all creation. Our designers imagine new, exclusive (and patented) models with the delicacy, precision, and sensibility of French art.

From the most faithful reproductions to custom graphic artworks, our creations play with materials and finishes in search of harmony and balance. We offer unique, customized products. Following validation of your image, a prototype in line with the end product is made.

Our metalwork professionals bring out the reflections and textures of a material they respect.

The technical expertise of our design department is based on an innovative material that changes constantly. Our computer-graphics artists, operators, and tool-makers are artisans of detail. They model, shape, and adjust items in search of perfection.

Tool-making is a delicate phase involving great precision and requiring absolute rigor in the use of eyes and hands.

Religious jewelry, official medals and decorations, luxury accessories, and customized souvenirs are made with the secret know-how of our art technicians, enhanced with the latest technology.

Metal stamping

On planchets of varying shapes and thickness, Martineau stamps aluminum, brass, steel, precious metals, and diametal (silver-plated metal with silver insert).

Our range includes several dozen styles distributed worldwide.

Zamak injection

In our foundry in Saumur (in the Maine-et-Loire department of France), we can produce three-dimensional items by injecting zamak.

Electrolytic processing leads to high-quality nickel, silver or gold-tone finishes.

Surface effects

Our surface-treatment workshop masters the technique of sandblasting, shot-blasting, and polishing.

The blasting of tiny shots ensures perfect cleaning, item by item, or makes metals shiny.

Customized finishes

From stamping to enameling, from hand-made patinas to faceting, we combine manual finishes with more modern techniques, like use of a matifying laser.


Located in Ambert, in the Puy-de-Dôme department of France, Béraudy & Vaure is our artisanal and industrial workshop specializing in bead-making using precious wood, such as olive wood, boxwood, oak, and hornbeam.

Following storage lasting one year, the wood is sawed into crosses and boards, from which the beads are formed to make up our rosaries and fashion jewelry.

They are turned in barrels for eight days to be polished, stained or waxed before being assembled.

With the diversity of our crafts, we can boldly produce highly original combinations of stamped metal and injected zamak or piece together wood and metal harmoniously.

Enameling that gives meaning to objects while enhancing them for a more on-trend look

Our statue-sculptors use polyester resins for their outstanding subtlety and crystalline appearance.

Among the casts’ details, one can therefore admire facial harmony, clean movements, and precision in drapery.

Colored resin is highly creative. From medals and game tokens to cufflinks and tie pins, countless objects can be enhanced and customized with color.