Founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, Martineau is a French firm recognized for the high quality of its products and services. Today, Martineau shares its precious French know-how: the crafting of items of belonging like religious medals, rosaries, insignia and decorations, customized souvenirs, jewelry, and metal features for the luxury industry.

Martineau, from Saumur to Ambert

The story of a passion

The origins of Martineau in its current form blend with the history of Saumur, whose many generations have been fashioned by medals over time. Periods of prosperity mixed with less buoyant phases to help remold and rebuild France’s economic landscape.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Charles Martineau, Auguste Béraudy, and Jacques Omerin did not know that their passion would still resonate today, in our technological age. Neither did they know that their workshops would shape their destiny through the emergence of an art form belonging to their country’s industrial heritage.

From Saumur to Ambert, long-standing businesses in medal-making and religious craftsmanship merged to form the Martineau group. Four crafts under three brands now apply their creative talents in France, paying close attention to trends.

“ Close your eyes, enter the metal-stamping workshop, and be immersed in songs of the presses ... This unique music of drums and cymbals, so dear to these artisans, accompanies secrets of manufacturing handed down from generation to generation. ”

Long-standing expertise in craftsmanship

Interrupted by the French Revolution, the rosary-making industry went through a dry spell until the nineteenth century, when mechanization overhauled and relaunched production with steam engines.

Since 1855, Béraudy & Vaure has been making religious jewelry: a range of medals and rosaries that was later completed with bracelets to extend an already-broad spectrum of products crafted in Saumur.

In the twentieth century, mechanization improved, with electric motors replacing steam engines.

At the same time, Charles Martineau, a first-class jeweler became production manager at the house of Mayaud, while Léon Desnoue founded his own firm, which later became Martineau.

After the first world war (1914-18), Léon Desnoue sought to sell his business. Charles Martineau was receptive to the idea. Marcel Martineau bought the house of Desnoue, which then became Martineau.

Martineau purchases Béraudy Vaure and Le Chapelet d’Ambert

He took over the management of Société Martineau.

Martineau services


As devoted, perfectionist artisans, we do not neglect a single detail in our creations.
Choosing Martineau means opting for a premium product and high-quality support.


Our dedicated team will assist you in your projects of items for the luxury world, of customized souvenirs and varied medals :

Throughout the customization process, our sales and technical teams will give you all the advice you need to provide you with the best solution in accordance with your sector.

We can offer you a whole range of services:

Sales and technical support
Final proofs and prototypes to view your project before it is implemented
Order tracking with a sales assistant
Shipping and delivery.


Martineau and its teams aim to provide you with customized service, tailored to the requirements and particularities of your customization project:

Metal and wooden items for luxury goods
Customized souvenirs
Religious and secular medals
Insignia and badges

Our values

Customer service
Team spirit
Innovation & Transmission
Fair quality

Waste processing

All the metals used at Martineau are sorted at each stage of production, grouped by type and valued by our suppliers.
We take all measures to recycle all of these metals regardless of their value.

Nos déchets issus du process de traitement de surface répondent rigoureusement à la réglementation. C’est dans ce sens que nos déchets industriels sont recyclés dans des filières agréées : CHIMIRECWRCISO 9001, 14001, 50001 et OHSAS 18001 pour la prise en charge de nos déchets industriels dangereux issus du traitement de surface, vernis, peintures, résines, boues métalliques, ce qui nous assure le strict respect de la réglementation.

De même, le respect de la réglementation REACH est une partie importante de notre politique, puisqu’elle touche nos achats ou bien nos process de fabrication. Martineau se doit de mettre en circulation des produits conformes aux différentes réglementations en vigueur.

Nos installations sont classées pour la protection de l’environnement et soumise à autorisation, notre site possède sa propre station de traitement des effluents.

Nos rejets sont sous le contrôle et la surveillance continue de la DREAL. L’ensemble de nos prestataires intervenant lors de nos contrôles sont agréés et certifiés.

All our cardboard and paper for packaging derive from recycling, with preventive efforts made through reduction at the source level, re-use, and energy recovery (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tape).

Waste is sorted at our sites and the waste-processing industry takes into account our recovering or recycling: our Saumur-based service-provider, Performance Environnement, is certified with the French label EnVol, which honors firms dedicated to environmental protection. This enables Martineau to recycle or recover 95% of its consumer waste.

We are also a member of the Eco-Emballages recycling program and help fund France’s program for recovery of waste and consumer packaging.

Through the expertise it has acquired for over a century in making religious jewelry (religious medals, rosaries, religious bracelets, etc.), customized badges, insignia and decorations for official awards ceremonies, and luxury items (wire hoods, cufflinks, and more), Martineau can rise to challenges in a wide range of sectors.