Since 1888, rosaries from the brand “Le Chapelet d’Ambert” have been crafted in France’s most famous rosary-making workshop, Béraudy & Vaure, in the town of Ambert (in the Puy-de-Dôme department of France). Our rosaries are assembled by hand and certified as having been made entirely in France to guarantee impeccable quality.

Wooden, silver, bead and Lourdes rosaries, and more

Chain rosaries
String rosaries
Rosaries with claps
Rosary pouches

Wooden, silver, bead and Lourdes rosaries, and more

A rosary is an object that has been used in religious devotion for several centuries. It is a way for those struggling to find words for prayer to follow a straightforward model with a specific aim: to ponder the mysteries of the gospel and praise God with our faith.

« The rosary is my favorite prayer. It’s a marvellous prayer, marvellous in its simplicity and depth ».

Martineau offers a wide range of rosaries assembled on chains or strings, with or without clasps.

They come in different materials: plastic-bead rosaries, wooden rosaries, glass and semi-precious stone rosaries, and more.

The finishes available: solid silver, silver tone, gold tone, gold-plated or 18-carat (750/1000) or 9-carat (375/1000) gold.

Chain rosaries

With the links they are made of, our chain rosaries are designed to withstand time.

They are available in solid silver, silver tone, gold tone, gold-plated or in gold with different types of semi-precious beads: hematite, amber, mother-of-pearl, crystal, etc.

Rope rosaries

Our selection of rosaries assembled on rope are easy to handle.

Available with beads of wood like boxwood and olive wood, or wood from hornbeams and bubingas, you are sure to love the natural style of this more traditional type of rosary.

Rosaries with clasps

With our range of rosaries with clasps, you will be able to wear rosaries like jewelry around your neck

Rosary pouches

So you can protect and carry your rosary around, Martineau also offers real-leather pouches that close with a snap fastener.

Our products are made entirely in France.