Martineau manufactures in France a wide range of religious medals, rosaries, religious bracelets, one-decade rosaries, crosses and other objects of piety to give choice for all your family events and special moments in life.

Religious medals

Our gold (750/1000) and silver medals are certified as having been made entirely in France and has its own master stamp, which features on the back of each of its creations.

Choose from many models finely struck in 3D or laser engraved: angels, saints, Virgin, miraculous, Christ and cross.


The elegance of our rosaries makes them outstanding objects in their own right. Since 1888, our rosaries have been made by our rosary-makers in Ambert (in the Puy-de-Dôme department in France).

As a guarantee of quality, Ambert rosaries are made entirely in France.

Religious bracelets

As lucky charms, identities, and symbols of belonging, bracelets have been used for centuries without ever losing their importance.

Religious bracelets are ideal gifts for communions, birthdays or any other special event.

One-decade rosaries

Martineau’s one-decade rosaries are traditional objects of piety, available in different materials and with various finishes: wooden one-decade rosaries, chain one-decade rosaries, elastic one-decade rosaries, etc.

Practical and less conspicuous than rosaries, they are also called travel rosaries.

Alb or communion crosses

Our crosses are designed for professions of faith, whether for albs or communions. The cross is a strong symbol worn in the world of religion.

They are traditionally worn around the neck, over the alb, on the day before the profession of faith or formal communion.

Other objects of piety

Martineau completes its ranges of religious jewelry with other items of belonging like wall decorations, religious statues and card prayer bookmarks.

A wide range of shapes with various subjects are available, as well as different materials and finishes: in metal, wood or resin, and with or without color.