Beraudy & Vaure, located in Ambert, France, and Martineau, the master medalist, offer one-decade rosaries that combine metal and beads.

Religious bracelets and rosaries in wood, elastic, chain, and metal

Elastic one-decade rosaries
Metal one-decade rosaries
Chain one-decade rosaries
Religious wooden bracelets
Religious elastic bracelets
Religious chain bracelets

Religious bracelets and one-decade rosaries designed for prayer and meditation

Martineau’s religious bracelets and one-decade rosaries recall rosaries but have a different form: they are made up of a cross and ten beads for saying ten “Hail Marys”, an effective prayer that shows attachment to the Virgin Mary.

They are generally made up of either a single metal piece surrounded by ten beads or notches or a small necklace of ten beads that are often wooden.

Metal one-decade rosaries are made with a cross potent or cross paw, intended for scouts.

Religious bracelets and metal and chain one-decade rosaries

In daily use or pilgrimages, these religious bracelets and one-decade rosaries remain easy-to-use items.

They are available with wooden, plastic or glass beads.
You will love the quality and reasonable prices of these religious objects.

Religious bracelets and elastic one-decade rosaries

Our religious bracelets and one-decade rosaries are assembled on an elastic thread so they can easily adjust to your wrist.

Our religious bracelets and elastic one-decade rosaries are available in different colors and materials.