Since 1906, Martineau, a living-heritage company, has drawn upon its historical expertise in the stamping of precious and non-precious metal to make both practical and decorative metal items for the luxury industry: leather goods, perfume, cosmetics, and spirits (brand plates, caps, medals, zipper pullers, braces, stoppers, wire hoods, etc.)

Wire hoods, zipper pullers, brand plates, metal stamps, medals, etc.

By bringing together its know-how, Martineau has developed items (wire hoods, case stamps, medals, zipper pullers, etc.) of impeccably high quality that can enhance your products and brand image in perfume, cosmetics, leather goods, wine, and spirits.

Champagne, wine and spirits

Foils and neck labels stamped on complex (a combination of aluminium and polyethylene).

Metal luxury labels stamped for premium products.

Medals for bottles and cases.

Decorative covers and braces for stoppers.

Champagne caps, finely stamped wire-hood plates (Martineau exclusive).

The Art & Craft Wire Hood: A partnership between Martineau and Le Muselet Valentin

In a spirit of collaborative innovation, Martineau, a living-heritage company, and Le Muselet Valentin, a subsidiary of the Sparflex group, a leader in champagne wire-hoods, have brought together their respective areas of outstanding expertise to create the “Art & Craft Wire Hood”.

Designed for great vintages, the Art & Craft Wire Hood is a premium item, made entirely in France, that meets the requirements of major Champagne houses in search of perfection. It symbolizes the excellence, uniqueness, and aesthetic appeal of products crafted by the finest French artisans.

Leather goods

With high-end materials, genuine craftsmanship, and close attention to detail, Martineau provides the perfect offering for leather goods:

The perfume

Martineau makes luxury labels that are often vital for high-end products. Indeed, finely crafted packaging gives your products a final touch that highlights its uniqueness:


Our customers Martineau

Through its expertise acquired over more than a century of making wire hoods, stamped Champagne caps, brass zipper-pullers, metal stamps for cases, brand plates, and medals for bottles, vials, and cases, Martineau can rise to challenges in perfume, cosmetics, leather goods, wine, and spirits.