Beraudy & Vaure, a subsidiary of Martineau, makes insignia for ranks, specialties and headdresses, ribbon-bar kits, hanging-medal holder kits, and combined ribbon-bar and medal-holder kits for armies, gendarmeries, and national-security forces.

A wide range of insignia, decorations, ribbon bars, medals, and more

Insignia of ranks, specialties, and headdresses for armies, gendarmeries, and national-security forces

For more than 50 years, Béraudy & Vaure has made insignia and decorations that can be recognized by the vividness of their enamelled colors polymerized at high temperatures, and by their weight, which shows the strength and resistance of their finishes, which are silver-plated (925/1000) and gilded with 24-carat gold (999/1000).

For several years, the French armed forces and gendarmeries have been turning to Beraudy & Vaure, who has passed these institutions’ stringent quality tests.

Adjustable ribbon-bar and medal-holder kits

Our ribbon-bar kits, designed and patented by Martineau, are made of nylon, a material that is both soft and strong, and formed by bars and bar-holders that clip together upon one another. With visible cutting lines, they can be adjusted to the desired length.

Lapel-pin points chosen for their resistance attach the assembly onto the uniform. A long size for thick jackets and a short one for shirts.

For the medal-holder kits, fastening forks, also designed and patented by Martineau, attach the medals ribbons to the bar superbly and strongly.

Ever seeking to simplify and respect the finishes of the army’s uniform, Martineau now offers a new decoration kit with a velvet shirt-front patch upon which your assembly of bars can be attached. It can be cut on the back, following the cutting lines, for up to twelve bars.

Our customers Martineau

Through the expertise the firm has acquired for over a century in making ribbon bars, hanging-medal bars, decorations, and insignia, Martineau can rise to challenges in many special sectors: armies, gendarmes, firefighters, police forces, etc.