For many years, Martineau has been acknowledged for the high quality of its customized souvenirs: key rings, magnets, jewelry, accessories, etc.
With this particularity, we can produce custom items in response to specific requests or theme-based ranges tailored to a given world in tourism or commemoration.

Custom key rings, magnets, jewelry, and more for landmarks

Souvenirs customized for cities and thematics

In France, each region has its own culture and history. With this diversity of regions, we can single out the attractive features that draw visitors to a customer’s geographical area to craft custom souvenirs they will surely cherish.

Each new range of products is customized (key rings, magnets, bracelets, lapel pins, letter openers, bottle-openers, bookmarks, etc.) in accordance with the visual identity of a town, region, place, etc. Starting from a 3D scan of the original piece, we are able to reproduce true copies of statues.

Souvenirs customized for tourist destinations and wildlife parks

We combine imaginary worlds or scientific approaches with naturalistic or contemporary renderings.

Through Martineau’s technological development, new features can be offered with startling realism, including half-concealed sculptures of wildlife or structures that appear to be moving out of their backdrop: variations in footprints and minerals, plants and wildlife, habitats and homes, mechanics and electronics, etc.

All these features meet the rich, stringent standards of tourist destinations and wildlife parks.

Souvenirs customized for cultural heritage

Whether highlighting a quotation, an emblem or an architectural detail, Martineau offers customized key rings, magnets, jewelry, and accessories that convey the experience, images, and weight of history.

Souvenirs customized for commemorations and memorials

Commemorative souvenirs are one of Martineau’s traditional strengths as most major French memorials have entrusted us with the task of crafting their objects conveying meaning.

To foresee anniversaries and honor great events, Martineau machines tools for separate work on the front and back of objects so that one side can be modified while the other can be kept the same. These customized souvenirs in high relief, shaped or tiered, can have tailored finishes (gold, silver, mat, shiny, patinated, and more).

Our customers Martineau

The expertise acquired over more than a century in the manufacture of religious medals, rosaries, decades, religious bracelets allows Martineau to cover the problems of many sectors of activity.